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Today's the day for some verbal retribution.
I haven't blogged on here in a while, but I figure what better time than now. I have nothing better to do while I wait for my beloved to leave the shower. ^____^ Here's an update on my life thus far in 2009.

January: Second semester of school, chilling with the three funniest guys all the time, it was a great month, aside from losing one of my favorite people to nothing.

February: The best month thus far this year, this month I began to date the best thing since sliced bread. Like fo reals. I love him more than words could say, and probably even more so than that. Just seeing his face in the morning when I wake up brightens the rest of the day. Its nice. :D

March: I got two puppies, that has been the highlight of this month, Axel and Charlie are two beautiful six week old Pittbull Chow puppies and I love them. :3 ALSO, It was my baby's birthday, I love how happy he seems when he is with me. I love that I can make him happy. :3 He deserves it.


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