The beating of a solid drum.
The rhythm of a longing heart.
The sequence grows louder.
You can feel each pounding note
as the beat grows stronger.
You look around to see if they can feel it too.
Do they hear it?
Can they see your agony?
As you project your soul for all to see.
You realize everyone in your audience is blind.
Sitting in unquestioned bliss.
Your life nothing to them at all.

Okay, so this is a poem I wrote on October 16th 2008.
It doesn't have a title, because I couldn't think of one to capture it.

Thoughts that spiral down into the
abyss that is my mind; to be locked
away for eternity, gouge out my soul
as they make their way.

I hide from you my deepest secrets.
I share with you my boldest lies.

I wish for you the world.
I offer you a part of mine.
Will that suffice? I don't know.
All I can hope for is that
grade-a smile.

The sign that shows me I
made a difference in
your utterly chaotic

-Nicole Marie Guglielmo

DS is for dumb shit..
Alrighty. Time for nicole to go on a rant because she is enraged.

I was playing pokemon pearl on my nintendo DS. All was going fine untill the little redlight of doom ignited in the upper right corner of my perriferal vision. LOW BATTERY! Even though I knew it was on its last breath I proceeded to play for a good 30 minutes.. It lasted so who am I to complain. But here is my reason for ranting! It lastedthat whole time but right when I beat the gym leader I've been working on beating for days! It died.. Right after the gym leader gave his defeat speech and handed me the TM the screen went black. Why the hell couldn't it have just held on a minute longer... :[ im so sad. I want to cry. Pity me.


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