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Fuck You.
Why cant you see that the things you do and say make me feel like I'm nothing? Why must it be so god damned difficult to tell you how I feel? Every time you make a 'joke' about other girls I know you know it bothers me, I feel like you just get some sick pleasure out of seeing me squirm and finally just breaking. We used to have so much fun all the time, but now its like I'm only important when you're hungry or horny. And I hate not being able to talk to you but whenever I voice how I feel, you just call me a bitch or tell me I'm over reacting. So fucking what if I'm over reacting? Welcome to a relationship you're my boyfriend, you're supposed to make me feel better regardless of what it is I'm doing or saying because you're supposed to love me regardless not just shrug me off till you decide I've had enough of you ignoring me. I don't get how it can make me feel so incredibly low whenever you get upset with me but if I'm upset with you it doesn't even phase you at all. I never used to be this way, I never would let a boy make me feel like less of a person because of the things he thought I needed to change about myself. I never would even think of changing things about me that I know deep down would always remain, just be silenced. But here I am trying so hard to get upset less, and not be jealous but guess what?! When you're mean to me, and you know when you are, regardless of "jokes" it really fucking upsets me like, to the point where I just want to curl up into a little ball and stay there. This is fucking why I don't open up and let people in, because I get hurt. I trust you with everything I am, and now I'm nothing but a joke. I hate it. And NEWS FLASH I will always be jealous, you know why? Cause I'm human and we get jealous, just because you've made yourself incapable of feeling what normal people do doesn't mean I'm the fucked up one.

And please, don't say you're sorry.
Because I'm a little bit passed apologies.


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