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Just Something to Get Off my Chest
So this morning was kind of one of those mornings you already feel like things are not going to go good as soon as you open your eyes.

I was woken up my my sister asking for me, but see the one she was asking was wearing nothing but underpants cause he decided to sleep in those whenever he is over which I could honestly care less about, but knowing my sister she is going to thing we fucked or something and its going to be an annoying hassle to rectify the situation. I TOLD him if he was going to sleep like that he wasn't supposed to get caught by anyone in my family and he opens my door and talks to my sister half naked. GOOD JOB! and then not to mention my noticing his non stop texting habit that has grown in intensity as of late. I don't like hearing the little click click clicks of the keys on his phone while im trying to sleep, and more likely than not its probably S. whom I don't really care he talks to, or J. which it infuriates me he talks to only cause of the flirty ass things I catch him saying to her every now and again. And I know I have no real reasons to be insecure about that but I am and it bothers me oh so much. AND AND the fact he swears he doesn't try to mess around with me a lot last night, and this morning he does it kinda made me laugh to myself.. cause he is in like denial about the amounts of times I've been woken up by things of that nature and it also bothers me, because of the fact I tell him not to do it and he does.

urg k sorry im not a fucking horn-ball and wanting to be pleasured all the god damn time but I'm not going to change so if you don't like it then tough shit hombre.


I'm kinda pissed off. I don't think im going to ask him to come over again today, I wanna be alone for a while.



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