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The "What If?"
The “What If?”
By: Nicole Marie

What if spring became the winter, instead of the winter into spring?

What if a bird woke up one morning and had forgotten how to sing?

What if your dreams became reality and reality your dreams?

What if everything you thought was real was nothing that it seems?

What if the day consisted of moonbeams, and the night of endless sunshine?

What if you’d given your all to someone, and it was a waste of time?

What if love is all a lie and the truth resides in hate?

What if accepting what is now, is too hard for you to take?

What if those you thought cared for you, were all a bunch of fakes?

What if letting them into your heart was all a big mistake?

The world is full of “what if?”
We all wonder where the answers might lead.
But that’s the nature of the “what if?”
The answers we never see.


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